About Us

1.Scope of work:
Scope of work leveraged by Raben events will cover the following:

  • Promotional, publicity and marketing – via various methods and strategies that include running tele-faxing VIP invitation , press releases, Media advertising and so on.
  • Development of theme and concept, flow of events, system and logistics coordination

2. Workflow Process:

Each of our event is carried out not without due and extensive planning strategies. This ensures all key aspects for successful event coordination are covered. Our events follow the strict guideline and the following signature processes:

  • Design, Plan and Execution under One Roof:
    From the design, plan, execution and closure of a project, we ensure the smooth running of all aspects in the implementation. All critical areas such Guest Invitation and Management, speakers  & Talent Acquisitions, VIP Protocols, PR and Media Relation, corporate Sponsorships, Risk Evaluation & management and Logistics & Saftely will be given the utmost care and attention.
  • Backdrop and Stage Creation:
    To create a long lasting impression to our audience, the need for a attractive yet meaningful and targeted stage presentation is inevitable. Our productions and design teams work hard to provide you the very much needed customized backdrops and stage sets tailored accordingly towards the theme of our event projects.
  • Presentation Tools:
    Leave the engineering and technical parts to us. Just tell us what you want to do and we will assemble the latest state-of-the-art technological tools and equipment for your use. We even create Power Point Presentation Materials, Promotional Videos, Speech and Script Writing and other tools as required by you.
  • News Release and Promotion Drives:
    Off course, No one knows the existence of a major, upcoming event unless it is properly promoted to the right channel and audience. We help to create a buzz and presence with fast and efficient marketing drive that includes Press Release & Conferences, Cold Calling, Leaflet Distribution, Faxing Service and Online Promotion. We initiates press releases and ensure your upcoming event is captured by your targeted audience. We create a buzz using multi-faceted approach to ensure maximum exposure and benefit.
  • Closure and Post mortem report:
    Our credibility is built through our strong and consistent communication with the client throughout the projects. Just because an event ends, it does not signal the end of relationship. We are able assist our client to discuss and provide feedback about the overall running of the project from the planning stage until the last guest leaves. By doing so, both parties can learn to continuously improve the next event and make it an even bigger success.